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The ACP is a sacramental Gnostic Church with roots in the French Gnostic Tradition; but with a progressive attitude that seeks to take advantage of all the latest Gnostic scholarship in areas such as the Nag Hammadi texts and related material. The ACP thus seeks to understand the intents and means of the ancient Gnostics, and to reconcile those teachings with the system of Hermetic and Qabalistic gnosis that has been passed down to us as the Western Mystery Tradition - and this within the framework of a sacramental ecclesia.

Following the tradition laid out over a century ago by the French Gnostic Church, the ACP maintains a close working relationship with Martinism. This is facilitated through the Christian Knights of Saint-Martin

Please note that the purpose of this site is not to proselytize or to recruit, but merely to make our presence known to the community at large, and to disseminate the writings of the ACP clergy. All documents published on this web site remain the intellectual property of their respective authors. Documents may be downloaded and/or printed out for personal viewing, but may not be modified, republished, or redistributed, privately or publicly. Any unauthorized modification or distribution of these documents is a violation of U.S. and International Copyright.

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We are pleased to announce the ACP Clergy Handbook is on sale now! ACP Handbook Table of Contents (ACP formation students should contact their priest or bishop for clergy discount rate.)
We are pleased to announce the ACP Lectionary for Mass is on sale now! ACP Lectionary Table of Contents (ACP formation students should contact their priest or bishop for clergy discount rate.)
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